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Welcome to Wholesale Diamonds Direct
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About Us

We offer a vault to door service. We freight & fully insure your diamonds to your door.

We are a direct to public diamond wholesale company.

We have over 30 years experience.

We are cheaper than traditional bricks and mortar retail stores

Combing 40 years of experience we are experts in common and rare diamonds. Starting off in the 3 carat + space we have now for many years expanded our inventory to include all sizes and qualities of diamonds. We are a leader in large and rare diamonds and have innovative and technological solutions that allow us to pass on wholesale priced diamonds to the public.

Operating globally with offices in Australian capital cities we are generally open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. On Saturday we are open from 10am -2pm.

We are always responsive via our SMS function as well as email. We strive to reply within 24 hours to all queries.

During the 4th quarter we expand our hours as Christmas approaches.

From time to time if deemed necessary for the client and ourselves we will communicate outside of business hours and weekends.

In relation to operations, we have strict procedures and compliance to allow for all goods to be insured and freighted to clients.

Our mission is to provide fairly priced diamonds to the public, using technology to allow us to pass on the savings to the public that retailers enjoy.

Having been on both sides of the wholesale and retail over many years it has become apparent to us that the public / customers pay too much for their diamonds locally. We want to offer a fair exchange where the customer does not pay for bricks and mortar overheads or is price gouged or beholden to an unfair mark up.

In order to do this, we have a lean online business model that allows us to pass on cost savings to the customer whilst ensuring add ons of importance remain firmly in place such insurance and secure freight.