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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about our Diamond Range

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Why would I buy wholesale rather than via a retailer?

If you want to buy diamonds or lab grown diamonds, The answer is simple, better prices and much more variety. You shouldn’t pay more than you have to.

When you buy a diamond ring or buy diamonds though us whether be natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds You are not paying for the exorbitant retail markups to account for rent, overheads, staff, marketing and so forth. You are simply paying for the diamond itself and cutting out the middleman.

By cutting out the middleman, you are simply moving up the supply chain and enjoying the discount on your new diamond ring or diamond. This allows you to buy diamonds at wholesale prices or spend the same amount of money you would Retail and get more for your money.

In summary, we also sell diamonds and lab grown diamonds to jewellers and retailers across Australia and by buying wholesale you get to enjoy the same prices that they receive. The difference being that they will then add a margin before they sell to you whereas you save that money when buying direct from us.

We are also not limited to just the stock we presently have as we are able to source diamonds specifically for you so that you get exactly what you are looking for. To do this contact us at

Are your videos and images of the diamonds accurate?

Our videos and images are extremely accurate*. In fact, most of the images are magnified to 20-30X the human eye. This allows the customer to see every detail of the diamond as if they were viewing it under a powerful loupe. This allows for complete transparency and gives the consumer the tools to look at a stone like a professional. Keep in mind that because these videos are zoomed in beyond the power of the naked eye it is unlikely you will be able to see some, most, or all of the imperfections in certain clarities when staring at the stone in natural light and real life. .

*Whilst our images are as accurate as can be, the same images may appear different on your screen depending on the type of device on which you are viewing the images.

Do you stock large diamonds, eg 5 carat or larger?

Yes, if you are looking to buy diamonds that are 5 carat or bigger we can provide them for you and the good news is that the larger the diamond the greater the savings. Traditionally, larger diamonds, be it t natural or lab grown,have been our area of expertise and through our networks and industry knowledge we are able to source larger diamonds which are unmatched in quality and price . So if you are after 5 carat, 7 carat or 10 carat and above, we will definitely be able to assist you with goods that are more cost effective..

Furthermore, because we don’t have the same overheads that a retail shopfront has, we don’t have to charge exorbitant prices in order to cover costs. The savings that we make are passed directly on to you the customer.

Further, because we don’t have the same overheads that a retail shopfront has, we don’t have to charge exorbitant prices in order cover costs. This allows you to buy you diamond engagement ring, buy your natural diamond or buy your lab grown diamond cheaper than other places . The savings that we make are passed directly on to you, the customer.Additionally, If you are seeking to buy diamonds that are not listed on the website we areable to source any natural or lab grown diamond you want to buy need even if we do not have it in stock. For 7 carat + and Argyle Diamonds please email or

Do you sell Argyle Diamonds? Do you sell Tender Argyle Diamonds?

Yes, we sell both Pink Tender and non Tender Pink Argyle diamonds.

Our pricing on Argyle Tender stones at 1ct + is extremely competitive and the prices are wholesale. If you are looking to buy these types of diamonds we are the best place to buy them from. We will generally always have Argyle Diamonds listed so even if you don’t see it on our website, we encourage you to make contact with us.. alternatively, let us know what type of pink Argyle diamond you are after so that we may quote you a price. Currently we have two Pink Argyle Tender diamonds available and one red argyle diamond on our site. Our prices for these rare diamonds are extremely competitive. If you are interested please contact us via the SMS function on our website or email us at or

These types of stones may require a little more consultation due to value. Please email us at or with your budget and specifications. We will consult with you to help you get the best possible Argyle diamond available.

What should I look for when buying a diamond?

If you want to buy a diamond or buy a lab grown diamond then an understanding of the 4Cs is helpful. The 4Cs being, Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. Regarding the 4C’s, each person, is different and has different tastes. Some prefer to buy diamonds which are of striking colour, whilst other may not care about the colour but are keen on the cut. Therefore, it all depends on your personal preference and budget.

in our opinion you can never go wrong with a nice clear and well proportioned stone.

If you are still stuck we are always here to help. You can contact us via the SMS function on the website or by email.

Also, please Use our Quiz to determine some options. It is a very helpful tool and takes into account your needs when buying a diamond

Security and delivery - how is my diamond delivered to me and how long will it take? How safe is it? Who do you use for transport?

We take security, insurance and delivery seriously. Your diamonds are insured door to door by us regardless of value.This means that should anything go wrong (which is highly unlikely) you are 100% covered and would receive your money back or a replacement diamond.

In relation to physical delivery, we only use certain couriers that specialize in high value goods. Our couriers of preference are is Brinks first and Star Track.

Courrers will require proof of identity such as a drivers license or passport on delivery and they will also require a signature. Copies may need to be pre arranged with us depending on the company or if the goods are very high value.

It is important that you are present on time for deliveries from Brinks. This is a high value service and they work to strict timelines.

We will liaise with you to help you organize a time for delivery. Please have a valid Drivers License or Passport to complete the compliance upon delivery of your goods as they will need to be cited.

Can we come to pick up the diamond instead of having it couriered?

Unfortunately, due to security and insurance compliance we do not allow for diamonds to be picked up as rule, however there are exceptions..

For High Value Diamonds (100k+)/Argyle Tender diamonds different options may be arranged.

Our primary focus after providing you with the desired diamond is to follow a pragmatic processes to ensure your goods are received securely and insured in a failsafe manner.

Insurance - do I need to arrange this? Is this cost included in the price?

NO. We insure all your goods door to door regardless of value. This is part of our wholesale service we now bring to the public.

You do not need to pay extra for insurance.

For very expensive goods (ie Argyle diamonds, blue diamonds, large diamonds etc that may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more), we will only recommend using Brinks or their equivalent. If you wish to receive the diamond another way you will need to let us know in writing by emailing

Payment - is my payment safe and secure? Methods accepted?

Yes. For your safety and ours we only accept EFT (bank transfer) and Poli Pay . Credit cards are open to risk for the consumer as they can be stolen and used with minimal checks. EFT requires the customer to login to their account, passing their own security checks leaving no doubt either way as to who has sent payment. It may not be fancy or cutting edge like some other payment options but it is the most secure way to do business when sums of money are larger and the product are diamonds. In the future, if a more secure credit card process becomes available we will let customers know.

Certification - is this internationally recognised? Which one?

Yes, we only use internationally recognised certifications such as GIA, IGI & HRD. GIA is probably the most well known certification. You can view all certificates on our site which contains links to all the official accredititaion websites for you to conduct any cross-checks. You can also take the certificate number and use the report check on the GIA or IGI websites and so forth to verify.

What do I receive with my Diamond? Certification?

You will receive the original certificate from either GIA, IGI, or HRD with your diamond purchase. It is important that you keep the certificate in a safe and secure place as the process to obtain a replacement certificate is very time consuming and taxing.

How do I know if my diamond is conflict free?

ALL OUR DIAMONDS ARE CONFLICT FREE. Conflict stones are illegal. The Kimberley Process governed by the UN and the USA ensures that all diamond trade goes through the correct channels. All certification houses have cheques and balances in place to ensure that all the diamonds they certify are conflict free. As such, we only trade in certified diamonds so we can satisfy our strict compliance.

Do you have a returns policy?

Yes. If the diamond is damaged or not what you ordered. Please note, our compliance checks are very involved. No damaged diamonds will be sent out to our customers, nor accepted as stock.

What if I have further questions about my purchase?

Please email us at and put the invoice number in the subject bar and we will answer your questions.

Natural Diamonds

What does it mean when a diamond is eye clean?

The term eye clean is industry lingo for diamonds where one cannot see any imperfections with the naked eye. The higher the clarity, the less likely you are to see any imperfections. In general VS + clarity stones are eye clean.

Many Australians prefer SI1/SI2 clarity stones for various reasons including price point. By definition an SI stone will have some imperfections. Their placement on the diamond will influence their price. Generally, an SI stone with no visible imperfections on the table will be more expensive than one with visible imperfections on the table.

In our opinion a stone with no naturally visible marks on the table would be preferable. Note that a setting may also hide imperfections with its claws.

How do I address Fire, Scintillation & Brilliance?

The best way to simply do this is to focus on Triple Excellent proportions (cut, polish & symmetry) in a Round Brilliant (minus the Cut grade in Fancy Shapes or just Excellent, Excellent). These Cut gradings consider what the ideal cut for a diamond is. Having a well-cut diamond will allow the light to refract correctly within the stone, catching the light and facilitating the most sparkle and brightness.

What is the highest-grade white diamond I can buy?

D colour, Flawless clarity, Triple Excellent (in a round brilliant, 2X Excellent in a fancy shape) Nil Fluorescence, TYPE 2A is the highest grade of diamond in the world. We stock these diamonds.

If a Diamond has P1 or I1 clarity will I see an inclusion.

Most probably, yes.

Why are Pink diamonds so expensive*?

Supply and demand as well as provenance.

Pink diamonds are rarer than white diamonds and therefore much more expensive. For example, Argyle pink diamonds can only be found in one place in the entire world, namely Australia. Therefore, their provenance, scarcity and their unique colour renders them very expensive. In some circumstances Argyle diamonds can be a very good investment if it is a Tender stone amongst other things. These stones can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to many millions. Please check our “Offers” section to view the Argyle diamonds currently in stock. These rare diamonds are investment grade and have appreciated significantly in recent years.

We offer a high end service for Argyle diamonds. Please contact for further information around these. An Argyle Tender diamond in most circumstances is significantly cheaper through us compared to Retail Stores.

What is the rarest colour diamond*.


These diamonds, especially if Argyle, can be investment grade and in the right circumstances they appreciate very well. They are very rare and expensive diamonds especially if they are 1 carat +. If you want to purchase one of these stones please contact us as we currently offer a very rare 0.53 carat Argyle Red diamond. Email your enquiry if you are wanting to purchase these goods.

*Wholesale Diamonds Direct does not offer financial advice. It is strongly recommended that anyone seeking to purchase diamonds for investment purposes, first obtain qualified financial advice.

Lab Grown Diamonds

How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

Please see Lab VS Natural Diamonds

Lab Grown diamonds are made using heat and pressure. Natural diamonds are produced via heat and pressure as well. The difference is that one takes a very short time and is man made, and the other a very long time and naturally occurs. 

Are Lab Grown Diamonds limited in size? Can you grow a larger one?

In general Lab Grown diamonds aren't often over 10 carats.

We provide a made to grow service for large lab grown diamonds.

Please send enquiries to if you are interested in something larger or unique.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Strong? Are they Expensive?

Yes. Lab Grown diamonds are very strong. They are all Type 2B diamonds so they are actually stronger than most natural diamonds.

No, they are not expensive compared to natural diamonds. They can often be a great alternative if the type of natural diamond you want is out of your budget.