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Argyle pink


We offer these diamonds at wholesale prices to the public.

Argyle Pink diamonds are the rarest and most exquisite of coloured diamonds in the world and have provenance in only one area, that being East Kimberley at the Argyle mine in Australia.

Argyle Pink Diamonds - Embracing Rarity

The argyle mine’s production of pink diamonds equates to less than 1% of total production out of an estimated 800 million plus carats mined each year prior to the mine’s closure. Of this 1% and even smaller amount, approximately 0.01% of polished diamonds have been sold at Tender Auctions. Within this 0.01% is an even smaller percentage of rare red diamonds, the rarest diamond colour in the world.

These diamonds are beyond rare and their colours are mesmerising. Argyle Diamonds provenance are pinned to the Argyle Mine in East Kimberley and they are found nowhere else in the world.

With the mine that produced 90% of the worlds pink diamonds now expired, we are in the fortunate positions to offer a red Argyle Diamond as well as two pink Tender diamonds, a Heart Shape and a Radiant, both over 1 carat. Once these are sold they cannot be replaced.


The dominant colour of the diamond. Some modifying colours affect Hue eg Purplish pink. Pink is the dominant colour and purple is the modifying colour.


The amount of light or darkness in the diamond, ranging from weak/light to strong/dark.


The strength of hue/ dominant colour. The more intense/saturated the colour the rarer the diamond becomes.

The Argyle Pink Diamond Colour Chart

This colour chart shows the different colour gradings that argyle diamonds are categorised under as well as the categories of distinct colour - Pink Rose, Pink, Purplish Pink, Blue Violet, Champagne & Red.

Mark of Authenticity

All our Argyle Tender Diamonds come with certification from the Argyle Mine (Riot Tinto, as well as GIA. The diamonds are inscribed with the Argyle symbol and the Argyle Symbol is also present on the GIA certificate. Both the Argyle & GIA certification can be cross referenced by inserting the Lot ID on the Argyle Report Check on their website and the GIA certificate can be verified by using the Report Check on the GIA website. Some of these Tender diamonds also come in a box produced by Argyle Mines.

Our Non Tender Argyle Diamonds are also all certified and generally come with both an Argyle Certificate and a GIA certificate with the Argyle Symbol. These can also be cross referenced using the Report Check function on the respective websites mentioned above.

Argyle Report Check


Each month we curate a selection of diamonds to offer our customers that we believe are the best deal. These diamonds are mainly 2,3,4,5 carat and sometimes something exceptional such as a 10 carat.

All qualities are offered and if you are taken by a diamond but want a different quality or size we can organise this for you.

This month we are offering Round Brilliants as well as some Yellow Fancy Coloured diamonds.

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